Cashchew nut Chicken

Spring roll


Tom yum soup

Sliced chicken breast stir-fry with cashew nut, onions, bell pepper and garnished with cilantro and dried chili.

Deep fried golden spring roll stuffed with carrot, long rice, ground pork & spices. Served with slice of fresh cucumber, mint leave, Salad and sweet & sour sauce.

Minced Chicken or Beef, tossed with fresh herb spices. Served with fresh lettuce and cabbage.

Choice of Sea food or Chicken, mushroom, tomato in spicy sour broth. flavored with lemon grass & kaffir lime leaves.

Thai Food is a Healthy Eating to Live Longer and Happily

"Health benefits of Thai soup under study" CNN.COM

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Long Rice Chicken Salad Fried Long Rice with Chicken

Pad Thai Shrimp

House Fried Chicken